“No one left behind and no one drops”

Imagine a network marketing team whose motto is “No one left behind and no one drops”. Combine that with a fantastic product and you have a win-win opportunity.

Many people believe in the concept of network marketing but have not had the success they dreamed about. Many of those same people have had friends or family persuade them to join their network marketing business only to become disillusioned by the results. Why is that? Why is it not successful?

There are several reasons for that. One huge reason that many marketing attempts fail is due to the product; either it is not everything you expected it to be or perhaps your family and friends can’t see paying monthly for something they can purchase at Wal-Mart for less. Even when the economy is flourishing, and people are doing well, most are still cautious, and rightfully so, when it comes to spending their hard-earned income.

Many begin with unrealistic expectations that their family and friends can’t wait to take part in the opportunity, as well. They soon find out that most of them have been burned out on network marketing by previous failed attempts of their own or have seen the lack of results of others in the business, possibly even your own past ventures.

Another reason is that people join up and then never do anything to get their business off the ground. Every legitimate business opportunity requires time and effort if it is going to succeed. Network marketing is no different in that aspect than a normal business. If you owned any other type of business but never put any work into it, you would be destined for failure and the same is true for your network marketing business; you have to put out some effort on a consistent basis.

Most, if not all, network marketers recruit people and then leave them hanging, only to have them drop later. The attitude is that you have to get out there and make it on your own. They will provide all the training and attend meetings with you, however, most will not help you build a team.

A lot of network marketing companies are set up to pay most on the first few levels, so they recruit and everyone goes on their front line, however, many of those recruits never do anything, usually due to the fact that they just couldn’t get their family and friends to believe they can be successful. Those people get discouraged and they drop out of the business. When that happens you lose a customer and sometimes a friend.

That is where our concept of team-building differs from most. Imagine a team that builds below you and helps jump-start your business. Imagine a team whose motto is “no one left behind, and no one drops”. Imagine going to your family and friends and talking to them from the position of a team member.
Most people have heard “if you get three and they get three, etc.” but most network marketers fail to build their team like they really believe that. Imagine a company that paid a minimum of $5.00 through eight levels. You do the math, but the monthly total is more than most people earn in a year. Imagine a team that believed in only going three wide and then placing recruits under you to get you started. Imagine a team snowballing down eight levels.

Can you imagine how much easier it would be to sponsor your friends and family knowing that they would have help building their business and would not be left hanging.

If you are someone who has been moderately successful in past ventures we invite you to check out our “snowball” team philosophy. Imagine if you were to recruit three people, with help, in just ninety days. You don’t have to recruit a ton of people to be successful. Now imagine that your three front-line people, also with help, recruit three in ninety days.

Do the math, every ninety days for two years is eight levels deep. That is why our motto is “no one left behind, and no one drops”.

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  1. Sounds interesting, I would like more information.

  2. Please provide more information. Gary Wichita, 316-761-0404

  3. morew info please

    • Some people have had trouble getting to the entire web site. Enter the site name, including www, into the address bar rather than the search box. That should bring up our site which includes several pages that will explain everything, including a link to our corporate web site. Click on “Contact us” and “about” to find links. I will also send a link to our site from my home e-mail, RMCD57@aol.com. I know you can access it from there. Please let me know what other questions I can answer for you. I look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Roger,
    I would like to hear more about this opportunity. I will go to website. Will talk to you soon. Ronnie

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